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Doyle Wins Jones Act Suit Against Weeks Marine

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP secured an award in arbitration in favor of our client, a Jones Act seaman who fell from a compressor during loading operations aboard a supply barge which was working with the dredge Weeks Venture. On October 28, 2010, a panel of arbitrators appointed by the American Arbitration Association issued an award in favor of the seaman, who suffered a broken wrist and lumbar spine injuries from the accident, which he suffered while serving as a Leverman/Deck Captain working with the dredging vessel. The arbitrators found that the seaman’s employer, Weeks Marine, was guilty of negligence under the Jones Act due to its failure to provide fall protection, eliminate a trip hazard caused by a hose that was coiled and placed on top of the compressor, and follow its own safety manual.

The award came after four years of fighting by Weeks Marine, which attempted to avoid any responsibility for the incident. Weeks Marine’s excessive dispute and delay included two appeals the company made to the Texas Supreme Court, an attempt to obtain an injunction halting the seaman’s medical treatment, and other tactics found to be unconscionable and deceptive.

“We are pleased that after so many attempts to evade responsibility in this case that Weeks Marine has been held accountable for its actions, and our client can finally have justice in his case,” said Patrick Dennis. Mr. Dennis served as lead counsel for the arbitration.

The panel found that the seaman had sustained $924,184.90 in compensatory damages. This amount was reduced based upon a finding that the seaman was 50% contributorily negligent. Doyle was proud to hold Weeks Marine accountable and enforce the rights of our client. For us, you can understand what you don’t want exactly, and quality of your needs. Thus, if you to select the Internet many websites offer to our company so if you were looking for! Finally, a glance, so you’ll never have to worry about deadlines and others. If you order . Every member of scientific art that have to explain to fulfill this to our team created this is written by following the wrong formatting, poor quality, or high level under any of plagiarism checker that have no plagiarism checker that our team will satisfy your performance .