The aftermath of a hurricane or other windstorm, fire or other catastrophic event that destroys your house is among the most trying times imaginable for any family or individual homeowner. Having to struggle with a giant, bureaucratic insurance company to get your claim properly valued, approved and paid can be overwhelming.  Our insurance claim lawyer at Doyle Dennis LLP has experience in evaluating claims and forcing insurers to honor their payment obligations.

We encourage you to contact us if your financial well-being is on the line in an insurance dispute. Our Houston law firm, Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers, is a proven resource for everyday people treated unfairly by insurance companies. We have taken a leadership stance and position in Hurricane Ike litigation and in standing up for regular people with other types of high-stakes Texas homeowners insurance claims.

Skills and Resources to Stand Up to the Largest Homeowners Insurer in Texas

No company writes and sells nearly as many homeowners insurance policies throughout Texas as State Farm — specifically the corporate entity called “State Farm Lloyds.” According to the Texas Department of Insurance, in 2008 this company had a market share above 29 percent in this category, far ahead of its closest competitor Allstate.

Although State Farm is not always the pure “good neighbor” its advertising suggests when it comes to settling homeowners insurance claims, our experience indicates valuation problems on high-value claims are a more common problem for the people in our region — including Beaumont, Port Arthur, Dallas, Brownsville and the rest of the Valley — than even more malicious practices such as false claim denials.

Struggling to Get a Fair Valuation of Your Home or a Full Damage Settlement?

Turning to proven Texas State Farm insurance dispute lawyers could make all the difference for you if you have run into problems such as:

A dispute over whether your home can be repaired or must be treated as a total loss A valuation of your home or the cost of repairing damage to your home that you view as extremely unfair An adjuster’s allegation that the windstorm or other catastrophic event you know damaged your home was not the real or primary cause of the damage

We are assertive, resourceful negotiators as well as proven trial lawyers. If you are engaged in any high-value homeowners insurance dispute with State Farm or another company, please request a no-risk consultation and case evaluation today.