Nationwide Insurance is among the most aggressive national homeowners insurance companies when it comes to using illegal or questionable bad faith tactics to delay or deny legitimate claims by their homeowners insurance policyholders. Nationwide is so vigorous in its strategies to deny claims or cancel policies that the firm has been named as a target in at least one major class action suit, arising out of its cumbersome claims process. A homeowners insurance claim lawyer is necessary when an insurer, like Nationwide, refuses to make the payments required to replace or repair your property.

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If you are a Nationwide homeowners insurance policyholder, talk to an experienced insurance litigation attorney at Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers at our Houston or Galveston, Texas, offices today. Our homeowners insurance claim lawyer has successfully represented hundreds of bad faith claims on behalf of homeowners who have been denied legitimate claims by many of the nation’s largest insurance companies. Firms selling homeowners insurance policies are required under Texas law to show a reasonable cause for denying a claim, and the claims process is not allowed to be so complex that policyholders can be expected to give up. You don’t have to fight the big national corporations on your own. Our firm gives you the voice and confidence to stand up and be heard for the coverage you paid for.

Have you experienced any of these bad faith practices by Nationwide Insurance:

  • Denied property damage claim for tornado, windstorm or hurricane damage?
  • Denied roof damage claims because of supposed age of roof or improper maintenance?
  • Denied claims for rain, hail or flood water damage?
  • Denied fire damage claims or accusations of arson?
  • Excessive reporting of technicalities and recordkeeping requirements?
  • Delays in claims processing?
  • Dropped insurance coverage or denied renewal of a policy?

We Hire Independent Roofers, Contractors and Engineers to Determine the Damage

When we handle property insurance claims, we don’t just take the estimates provided by insurance adjusters. We actively investigate opinions from contractors, independent adjusters, and engineers, and do an independent evaluation. We get a very detailed comprehensive estimate on the real damage and how much we should seek in claim compensation. Our use of professional experts, contractors and engineers sets us apart from other insurance litigation firms.

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National Representation

At Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers, we stand ready to take action for homeowners whose claims are denied, delayed and undervalued by Nationwide Insurance. We are a team of trial lawyers with an impressive track record and a proven willingness to go the distance for our clients. To discuss your claim and legal options, please contact us today.