In the United States, AIG/Chartis is the largest underwriter of commercial and industrial insurance, and one of the largest insurance providers worldwide. AIG/Chartis frequently uses other corporate names, such as American Home Assurance, New Hampshire Insurance Company, and The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania.  AIG Chartis Insurance Claim lawyer at Doyle Dennis Avery LLP has the background to handle such claims.

Despite its size, AIG/Chartis has struggled with declining profits and operating losses in recent years. Unfortunately, as is often the case when strained financial situations put increased pressure on an insurance company to increase profit margins, workers seeking compensation for on the job injuries are wrongfully denied benefits or severely underpaid to the point where these workers cannot pay for the treatments necessary for a full recovery.

Earning Results for Injured Workers Who Are Treated Unfairly

When an insurance company like AIG/Chartis unfairly denies a claim, it runs the risk of having to pay the injured worker additional damages for bad faith delay of payment. Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers has the tools and expertise to help you fight for the damages you deserve, and recover the money you are owed. Among our successes:

A Harris County jury awarded Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers client Sue Stinson nearly $1.75 million in damages (Stinson v. AIG – Attorneys’ Fees: $337,500.00; Expenses $42,608.24) after AIG unreasonably delayed benefits covering lost income and medical payments. Ms. Stinson, a long-time flight attendant for Continental Airlines, was injured in December 2003, when she was thrown through the plane cabin backwards as her plane was forced to brake during an emergency on takeoff. She suffered injuries to her neck and back. The incident, which occurred on a United States armed forces’ charter flight to Iraq, was witnessed by many soldiers on the airplane. Despite this, AIG refused to pay for the medical care Ms. Stinson needed for her neck injury. Instead, they continued to fight Ms. Stinson at every turn, sending her to biased doctors and placing roadblocks every step of the way. In November 2010, a Harris county jury found AIG to have knowingly acted in bad faith, and awarded her $1,759,000.

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A work comp insurer must treat injured workers fairly, rather than simply focusing on profits and services to employers. If you have been victimized by a claim denial or serious delays, please contact the AIG Chartis Insurance Claim lawyer of Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers today for a consultation on your legal options.