Foreign Nationals injuries in the United States.

Millions of travelers from all over the world visit the US each year. Unfortunately, some of our visitors suffer vacation-related injuries like severe falls at their resort, a crash in their RV, or an accident at the water park.  After injuries such as these, few know where to turn for help.  The personal injury attorneys at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers have years of experience in international accident law and know how to seek fair compensation for you and your family.

We’ve successfully litigated cases for UK and European travelers, and the experienced accident attorneys at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers know the international laws that apply to suits of this type.  We have relationships with lawyers across the UK, and work closely with our British colleagues to service our mutual clients. We collaborate to get you the financial support you need to get back to life as normal.

What’s Covered

You may receive funds to help pay your medical bills, recover lost wages, and repay you for any pain and trauma you suffered.  We’ll handle all of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on getting well.  The red tape and stacks of paperwork are tough in domestic cases, but if you live out of the country it’s even harder.  Our team of attorneys are reliable and dedicated to your recovery.

At Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers, we excel in complex international cases.  We understand that each case is unique, and work hard for our clients.  There are many attorneys across the nation that have experience with personal injury cases for those who live in America, but few who can match our knowledge of international injury law.

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