Dredging Vessel Injuries

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Texas and International Attorneys for Dredging Accident Victims

We know from extensive experience representing maritime workers that the relatively high pay earned by workers on dredging vessels and related utility boats and barges can be offset in an incident when a serious dredging accident occurs. These specialty-purpose vessels and the nature of dredging work itself pose unique hazards and risks.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a dredging accident of any kind, it can be critical to contact a maritime lawyer at Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers with directly relevant knowledge. The outcome of your case — and your financial future — may depend on presentation of detailed evidence and complex calculation of damages, including future wages lost over an expected career.

Proven Skill and Maritime Knowledge, Directly Relevant to Your Injury Case

We are familiar with the nuances of dredging projects and vessels and other aspects of your potential claim, including:

  • Accidents and injuries incurred not only on dredge vessels, but also on utility boats, crane barges and anchor barges
  • Major players in the dredging industry, several of which have been our opponents in successful litigation
  • Essential legal and practical components of claims under the Jones Act — including important steps in >obtaining maintenance and cure — or other state and federal laws that may apply to accidents on public waterways or while on the job as a longshore harbor worker
We recently obtained a sizeable verdict in a Houston trial court for Roger Hamiltain, who suffered serious, career-ending injuries aboard the dredging vessel Pontchartrain in 2005. The jury found that vessel owner Great Lakes Dredge & Dock was negligent in maintaining the vessel and in its reporting of the accident. To review selected other positive outcomes we have obtained for our valued clients — including a major settlements for an employ of National of dredging companies, please visit our significant cases page.

Our track record at Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers speaks for itself, but it also matters that you can count on us for empathy and for action to address the issues we know are most important to you. Please call or e-mail our firm today for a consultation focused on your medical needs, financial challenges and legal options after a dredging accident or maritime injury.