Commercial Property Damage Lawyers

Commercial property insurance for your business generally does not come cheap. You may have made the wise decision to purchase what you believed was solid, sufficient coverage to protect your livelihood even though the cost was considerable—only to suffer damage and have the insurance company deny, delay or severely underestimate the value of your claim.  Because of the complexities of commercial property insurance, a commercial property lawyer can help to navigate the obstacles placed by the insurance carrier.

We are insurance litigation professionals who can help you take action against your commercial insurance carrier that has operated in bad faith by delaying or denying the cost of property repair. If you have experienced any of the following after submitting a claim for your business, contact us today:

  • Denied property damage claims
  • Excessive reporting requirements for property damage incidents
  • Failure to promptly pay claims
  • Failure to properly investigate and assess property claims promptly
  • Low-ball claims assessments and settlement offers
  • Accusations that your building did not meet specified code requirements

Fighting to Recover Your Damages

Dealing with insurance and trying to restart your business at the same time can be overwhelming. Our commercial property lawyer has helped hundreds of business owners in similar situations, and we are equipped to handle the claim your business may encounter, whether you have a:

  • Total loss: Where your business has been completely destroyed. You need to rebuild quickly, and you may need temporary arrangements in place for operation and even staffing.
  • Partial loss: Where your structure has sustained damage, but does not need to be rebuilt from the ground up. You may need to fix walls, flooring, or some other part of the structure.
  • Roof claim: A commercial roof can be a complicated and expensive part of your property. Unfortunately, many insurance companies simply refuse to pay for legitimate damage to roof systems.

Experience Dealing With Insurance Company Denial Strategies and Tactics

Our successful experience in property insurance disputes and other high-stakes litigation could be a tremendous asset as you seek a fair settlement from an uncooperative commercial insurer. Our clients have included restaurant owners, manufacturing companies, auto dealers and others for whom any severe property damage or business interruption can prove crippling.

Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers has an impressive track record of success at trial when insurance bad faith is a factor—such as when insurers unjustifiably deny or delay a claim or misrepresenting coverage. Further, our use of professional experts sets us apart from other insurance litigation firms. When we handle property insurance claims, we do not just take estimates provided by insurance adjusters. We hire contractors and adjusters who are able to conduct a thorough, independent evaluation – providing us with a detailed, comprehensive estimate on the damage to your business. This allows us to seek the amount in claim compensation that will help you have a full recovery.

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