Whether you are a medium or small-business owner, property insurance is one of your business’s essential investments. In the aftermath of such a disaster, many small to medium-sized businesses have to battle for reasonable tornado damage claim settlements. These businesses have to fight even though they were covered by what ownership believed was solid and sufficient commercial property insurance.

At Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers, we have taken effective action for numerous business owners in similar situations-for example, during Hurricanes Ike, Dolly, Katrina, and Rita, the May 2011 tornado in Joplin, Missouri, and the Gulf Oil spill-and we are prepared to do the same for your business. The longer the insurance company disputes your business’s legitimate tornado damage claim, the more damage can occur to your business and its assets.

So that an insurance company does not take advantage of your business, you should be on the alert for any or all of the following activity:

  • Denying your claim
  • Delaying your claim
  • Undervaluing your business property
  • Refusing to pay business interruption claims

Business Claim Recovery Experts

Insurance companies have a short list of their favorite estimators, who will get low-end estimates for your business value. Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers works with a team of experienced and proven commercial property and valuation experts to provide and help evaluate business claims.

Our attorneys work only with certified, proven experts who are experienced in making proper valuations, dealing with insurance companies, and even testifying in court. By using our own experts, we are able to secure a proper valuation of property and lost business claims, resulting in a far more favorable monetary resolution for our clients.

Free Consultation · Contingency Fee Basis · Representation Throughout the United States

If your commercial insurance carrier has denied, delayed, or disputed your tornado damage claim, talk to an experienced insurance litigation attorney at Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers. Our firm has earned recognition as a preeminent law firm helping policyholders fight for their rightful claims against insurance companies that operate in bad faith.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation. We handle all bad faith insurance litigation cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will not pay attorneys’ fees unless we help you recover the claim you are seeking.
Joplin Tornado Insurance Claim Dispute