Lawsuits Against Maritime Employers

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Taking Strong Action to Help Rebuild Your Future After an Injury

Some personal injury lawyers make an excellent living putting forth moderate effort and encouraging clients to accept fast settlements of their claims for an offshore employer lawsuit. Unfortunately, these lawyers and others may advertise for and accept seaman injury and other maritime cases even though they have limited or no direct experience in this area.

At Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers, a respected Houston, Texas, and Gulf Coast firm with global reach and a track record of success, we are proven trial lawyers who have skillfully handled hundreds of maritime injury cases. Our extensive knowledge of maritime law and fearlessness in the face of complex litigation and wealthy corporate opponents often prove essential for injured workers who contact us for legal counsel and representation.

Putting Our Knowledge, Determination and Reputation to Work for You

Among the fundamental principles that unite our attorneys are:

  • Dedication to fully understanding your personal and family needs and goals and approaching your case accordingly
  • Relentlessness in pushing your U.S. or international injury claim forward and applying pressure to uncooperative employers and insurers, filing lawsuits and taking them all the way through a jury trial when necessary
  • Vigilance in opposing any and all delay tactics in order to seek monetary compensation for you as rapidly and efficiently as possible
  • Commitment to evaluating all aspects of your case, from employer practices to incident reporting and the aftermath, and then preparing the strongest possible case for monetary compensation under laws, including the Jones Act or Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act

Before we file a claim against your maritime employer, an insurance company or another party, you can count on straight talk about what this may require of you. We will directly address concerns, including whether you may be able to return to work in a maritime job and how you will pay living expenses during the course of litigation.

We Serve Clients on a “No Win, No Fee” Basis and Cover Costs of Litigation

If we mutually agree to file a claim, you will be well informed and supported throughout the case. Costs and financial risk associated with the case will be ours — in a “no win, no fee” contingency arrangement justified by our confidence in the strength of your claim. To discuss your potential injury claim and range of legal options, call or e-mail us today.