Injured employees in Arizona are often forced by insurers to go through a slow and complicated process in the workers’ compensation system. After insurance company denials and delays, injured employees must go through proceedings before the Industrial Commission in order to get benefits that they deserved from the beginning of their claims. Our Arizona workers compensation lawyer can help you through this complicated process.

If your valid workers’ compensation claim was delayed or denied, you may be the victim of workers’ compensation insurance bad faith. This often happens when income or medical benefits are denied or delayed without a valid reason. If your medical or income payments were unfairly stalled, but you were able to obtain a winning decision from an administrative law judge, Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers may be able to help you. Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers’ team of experienced insurance bad faith attorneys have achieved impressive results for clients who were injured in the workplace and suffered damages because their workers’ compensation benefits were wrongfully denied.

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A psychiatric ward nurse was assaulted by a patient, leaving him with cervical spine and nerve injuries. The workers’ compensation insurance company delayed paying his claim for 18 months. The unwarranted delay compounded his original injury. Our attorneys took his workers’ compensation bad faith case to court, where we won a $4.3 million jury verdict on behalf of our injured client. (Lloyd Snyder v. Cunningham Lindsey – Attorneys’ Fees – $1,000,000; Expenses – $37,708.88)

Benefits Unjustly Delayed

Delaying or denying a valid workers’ compensation claim is an example of insurance bad faith-a failure on the part of the workers’ comp insurance company to pay covered benefits.

If your claim has been determined valid by the state workers’ compensation process and the insurance company has refused or failed to pay it, or if the delay in payment has caused additional harm, our attorneys will file an insurance bad faith lawsuit. We don’t just insist that the insurance company pay the benefits it was supposed to all along. We recover financial compensation for the damages caused by the delay.

Delayed or denied workers’ compensation claims can be devastating to injured workers. Workers can lose their homes, cars, health, life savings, and retirement funds. Clients often come to us in frustration, too injured to work and unable to get the benefits the state has already found them legally entitled to receive.

How can a physically and financially injured worker take on a powerful insurance company? Our Arizona workers compensation lawyer at Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers takes great pride in getting results for injured clients who have been unjustly denied their workers’ compensation benefits by insurance bad faith. To discuss your workers’ compensation bad faith case with an experienced attorney, please contact our law firm today.

If you have suffered a workers’ compensation injury and suffered from the wrongful handling of your claim by your insurer, but have had your claim validated through workers’ compensation proceedings, you are entitled to seek money damages for your insurer’s bad faith actions through a national insurance bad faith law firm that meets the qualifications for working with a local law firm in Arizona.

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Our firm has earned a national reputation as one of the Unites States’ preeminent bad faith insurance firms, representing people in their fights against insurance companies to get what they are rightfully owed. From our offices in Houston, Texas, our attorneys have successfully helped hundreds of injured employees whose benefits were wrongly delayed and denied by their workers’ compensation insurer.