Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers’ work includes pursuing claims on the part of persons who have information about military contractors or corporations who have engaged in fraudulent activity against the U.S. government. Frequently, people-usually employees or former employees-who have insider information about fraud against the government are able to bring claims against the company. A qui tam lawsuit allows a whistle blower to make claims to protect the United States government from fraud and abuse by contractors.

These types of lawsuits are referred to as “Qui Tam” claims. Persons filing under these laws stand to receive a portion of any recovered damages, and since 1986, the US Government has reclaimed $20 billion from qui tam law suits.

A Bold, Tenacious Approach to Valid Claims Against Military Contractors & Corporations Committing Fraud

Claims under these laws are typically are filed by persons with insider knowledge of claims involving military, health care, or other government spending programs. These people are often referred to as “whistleblowers.”
Choosing a legal advocate with relevant experience is essential to navigating the complex legal issues surrounding the recovery of Qui Tam lawsuit damages.

At Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers, we focus on complex and challenging cases – including many intended to hold major U.S. corporations legally accountable for negligence and fraud. Our lawyers have a proud history of success in litigation against powerful corporate entities, including multi-national insurance companies and military contractors. Our record shows that we cannot be intimidated by wealth or deterred by questionable claims of immunity from liability by military contractors or others.

Do You Have Reason to Believe Your Company is Committing Fraud Against the Government?

Every day, our government is being defrauded by military contractors and corporations who, among other things, overcharge for products and services or bill for products and services that are never even provided. Our lawyers consider it a privilege to represent people like you who are willing to help expose inexcusable fraud against our government. If you or someone you know has information about such practices, call or email us today for a confidential consultation.