If you are a U.S. citizen who suffers an international work injury while working overseas in the shipping industry, oil exploration, or another maritime industry occupation—a citizen of an European or other foreign country who is hurt while working offshore for a U.S.-based corporation on an oil platform, cargo ship, or other type of vessel—you may find it unclear which rights you can pursue and how you can obtain monetary compensation for your injury.

Attorneys at Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers are experienced in handling serious injury claims against U.S. companies, regardless of where in the world the accident may have occurred.  We will seek the most appropriate venue for your case, and determine an effective approach towards obtaining the compensation you are entitled to.

A Reputation Extending Across Borders and Oceans

International work injury cases can be challenging to investigate and pursue, but we have structured our firm to handle challenging cases that other attorneys may turn down due to complexity and potential costs.  Our firm has an internationally-recognized reputation for having:

  • A track record of success in maritime law
  • A team of attorneys knowledgeable on legal systems outside the U.S. and comfortable working with non-U.S. advocates, barristers and attorneys
  • Strong, long-standing connections to maritime law resources in the United Kingdom and elsewhere
  • A proven ability to tackle the toughest and most complex legal issues, such as overcoming U.S. companies’ desired immunity to claims against military contractors
  • A solid U.S. and international base for referrals of maritime injury cases, enabling us to consolidate travel and other costs

Most importantly, we have extensive experience untangling complex employer/employee relationships and employment contracts.  This allows us to determine how to effectively establish liability for a maritime injury and to bring cases into the U.S. court system—where recovery of damages often lead to a real difference in the lives of injured victims or families of a deceased worker.  As a result of our efforts, many injured workers have been able to obtain recovery, including:

  • A supply ship captain attacked by crew members off the coast of Africa, suffering serious injuries for which his employer—a major U.S. shipping company—refused to honor its obligations
  • The family of a refinery worker kidnapped and presumed dead while employed in South America by a Texas oil field services company
  • A German citizen with residence in the U.K. who suffered a crushed arm and other injuries while working as a seismic engineer in the Gulf of Mexico for a Texas oil company
  • A New Zealand resident whose dominant arm and back were destroyed while his ship was in port in South Africa
  • Numerous other injured workers in situations complicated by their national citizenship, the location of their accident or other factors

Contact Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers LLP Trial Lawyers for an Injury Claim Against a U.S. Corporation

If you have suffered an international work injury—or if you are a lawyer in another country seeking skilled counsel for your client—we encourage you to contact Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers today.  Allow us to help you get compensation for your international work injury, so you can get on the road towards recovery.