When you’re injured while working on an international job site, understanding your compensation options is difficult.  Many American organizations have hundreds or even thousands of workers outside of their home base.  Workers on overseas locations suffer work-related injuries and finding the right international work injury attorney is critical to your success.

These international work-related injuries are no less serious than those suffered at home.  You may lose income, endure debilitating pain and intense emotional trauma. The employer may try to bury you in forms and frightening legal jargon, making it difficult to understand your options.  The company may even say you have no options.  Our overseas work injury attorneys clear through the obstacles to get you what you deserve.

Know Your Options

The injury attorneys at Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers will fight to make sure you and your family are fairly compensated.  Unlike injuries suffered while in the country, overseas work related accidents require an attorney with special knowledge of international on-the-job injury cases. We know your rights and fight for them.

Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers are experienced with handling overseas injury cases for both American and non-American workers servicing US based companies. We are experienced in maritime law and international compensation litigation.  Your injury may be covered under the federal Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA), or the Defense Base Act (DBA).

Negligent contractors, of other third party businesses could also be at fault for your injuries, and you may be able to pursue compensation from them as well.  Our understanding and experienced lawyers will look at every angle to get the maximum allowance for you.

Get Started

The litigators at Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers have a proven track record of action that ensures our clients receive what they deserve for their injuries. You may recover both past and future earnings, coverage for your medical bills, and compensation for your pain and suffering.

Find out what an expert attorney can do for your injury case.  The clock is already ticking, so contact us right away to discuss your options, and get the settlement you deserve.