The U.S. public may be broadly aware of the danger posed by enemy combatants in Iraq, Afghanistan and other war zones, but the dangers created by some military contractors remains a largely untold story. At Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers — an internationally respected law firm with offices in Houston and Galveston, Texas — our attorneys are proud to take a leading position in pursuing a chemical exposure claim against military contractors.

It has come to light that, while serving selflessly thousands of miles from home, hundreds of thousands of U.S. National Guard, U.S. Army, U.K. and other service personnel may have suffered preventable chemical exposure with potentially life-changing or deadly consequences. If you are a victim or are seeking information for a U.S. or U.K. soldier you believe was harmed by chemical exposure overseas, contact us now to discuss your potential claim.

Led by founding partner Michael P. Doyle, we currently represent a group of over 75 U.S. National Guardsmen in a lawsuit against KBR, Inc. (formerly a subsidiary of Halliburton) for negligence in allowing toxic chemical exposure and denying its occurrence. This lawsuit is focused on exposure to the highly toxic, cancer-causing chemical sodium dichromate, which was called hexavalent chromium in the film Erin Brockovich, at the Qarmat Ali water treatment plant in southern Iraq during 2003.

Legal Experience and Dedication to Justice for Victims of Negligence

Our lawyers have valuable, relevant experience in asbestos and other chemical exposure litigation and claims crossing international boundaries. In addition to advocating for victims of sodium dichromate exposure, we will evaluate potential cases involving:

  • Chemical fumes emitted from toxic burn pits in military zones, causing serious respiratory problems and
  • Other instances of toxic chemical exposure that may not yet have come to light — including those that can cause lung cancer or other life-threatening illnesses

Our clear position in handling KBR litigation, and in all our legal efforts, is that wealth, power, privilege or corporate standing must not put any party above accountability for willful negligence and serious harm done to others. We fight to expose the truth, and to obtain monetary compensation that may save some former soldiers’ lives and could improve many more by relieving the burden of medical bills and other financial pressures.

For a no-risk consultation on your potential chemical exposure claim, please call or e-mail our office today.