Another KBR Ploy Rejected: KBR’s Motion for Contempt Denied by Oregon Judge

One of several motions heard by Judge Papak last month in Oregon Federal Court involved yet another attempt to lash out at the attorneys who proudly represent the veterans of Qarmat Ali. A jury awarded a bellwether group of twelve of the 162 veterans a total $85.2 million in November for KBR’s misconduct in exposing […]

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Former VA Researcher Testifies Before House Committee about Burn Pit Research Cover-up

A former Veterans Affairs researcher testified before the House Committee on Veterans Affairs this week about the organization’s efforts to minimize research that supports claims of Gulf War Illness and illness from burn pit exposure. Steven Coughlin was an epidemiologist in the VA’s public health department until he resigned over a request to retract his […]

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KBR’s Fourth-Quarter Profits Drop 67 Percent

KBR reported a net income of $30 million for the fourth-quarter of 2012. Chief Executive Officer Bill Utt called it “a disappointing year” but later stated 2013 would bring “a robust series of new opportunities across each of our business units.” For the same period a year earlier, KBR reported profits of $90 million. Utt […]

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Huffington Post Acquires KBR’s Indemnity Clause, Authorization Came from Former Enron Exec

Through the Freedom of Information Act, The Huffington Post reported today that it has acquired the signed indemnity agreement between the United States Army and KBR (at the time known as Kellogg, Brown, and Root). The Army official that signed the agreement at the insistence of the Houston-based private contractor was a former Enron executive. […]

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Huffington Post Covers KBR’s Motion for Government to Foot Bill

The Huffington Post published an article concerning the indemnity agreement between KBR and the government. KBR has sued the government for indemnity arising out of the $85 million verdict in favor of 12 soldiers exposed to sodium dichromate in Iraq while protecting KBR engineers repairing a water treatment facility. The Huffington Post’s front page headline […]

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Our website dedicated to litigation against KBR is now restored. You can click here to visit and get caught up on what has happened since the trial ended. Background information about the case and videos are also available. We stand with our clients in the pursuit of justice against a company dedicated solely to […]

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Post KBR Trial and Verdict Update

After several weeks of an informal, partial gag order entered at the request of KBR shortly before the verdict was delivered, we are now able to comment more fully on the verdict, the full facts of the case, and other developments in the fight for the Qarmat Ali veterans.  As was widely reported, on November […]

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KBR’s Motion for Summary Judgment Denied by an Oregon Judge

In more legal maneuvering, KBR reacted to fraud and negligence claims concerning Qarmat Ali water treatment plant by filing a motion for summary judgment. The Honorable Paul Papak denied the motion. KBR professed innocence concerning the fraud allegation by claiming it did not make misrepresentations and did not deceive the Oregon Guardsmen. KBR claimed they […]

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Southern District of Texas Court Denies KBR Motion to Dismiss

In an important ruling on August 16, 2012, Judge Vanessa D. Gilmore in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas denied KBR’s Motion to Dismiss in the matter brought against KBR by U.S. and British servicemen who suffered from exposure to sodium dichromate while guarding KBR’s Qarmat Ali water treatment plant […]

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Houston Press Details KBR Qarmat Ali Litigation

On February 15, 2012, the Houston Press published an extended article about the ongoing litigation by U.S. and British servicemen against KBR for exposure to sodium dichromate (hexavalent chromium) during the Iraq War.  Sodium dichromate, a known toxic and carcinogenic chemical, was spread throughout the Qarmat Ali water treatment plant worksite in Iraq.  KBR hired […]

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