Although the Texas Department of Insurance lists Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance as only the tenth-largest workers’ compensation insurer in the state, with less than two percent of the market, our liberty mutual insurance claim lawyer has handled numerous cases against them on behalf of injured workers. Our experience indicates that their claim denial rate is high, and that adjusters are rigorously trained to protect profits — sometimes at a tragic cost to the injured worker.

We can offer knowledgeable counsel to anyone seriously injured on the job, but one of the key strengths of our trial practice is taking decisive action when the denial or delay of a work comp claim is finally overruledContact us to discuss the challenges you are facing getting benefits, quality medical care and fair compensation.

Protecting the Rights of Injured Workers

Workers’ compensation laws are intended to support a fair exchange between workers and employers. That is, in return for giving up their right to sue their employers for injury-related damages, workers have the right to recover lost wages, medical care and certain other benefits. All too often, however, insurers — Liberty Mutual and others, including Texas Mutual and Zurich — engage in practices that may constitute bad faith, such as:

  • Willfully and knowingly denying or delaying payment of a valid claim
  • Failing to make or stopping benefit payments with no valid reason

Seeking Compensation for Physical, Emotional and Financial Damages

The deception in workers’ compensation bad faith cases often runs shockingly deep, and we go the distance to expose actions such as ignoring medical evidence and knowingly denying coverage. Our attorneys are in tune with all the damages victims may suffer — including worsening of their medical conditions and the loss of financial stability and credit standing during the time their claim is wrongfully delayed.

To cite one example of an actionable case:

  • We have filed a lawsuit against Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company for denying that an injured security guard was covered by the policy it provided to Smith Protective Services, the company that controlled every aspect of her employment. An eight-month-long denial of benefits caused our client to suffer substantial physical, economic and psychological damages.

If your potential case calls for an experienced Liberty Mutual insurance claim lawyer, our Houston, Texas, law firm is here to provide a free evaluation. Please call or e-mail us at Doyle today.