Were you — or was a family member — injured at work severely enough to be unable to return to work for a substantial period of time? Did you seek medical treatment and attempt to follow all requirements for receiving workers’ compensation benefits? Perhaps this effort led to an incredibly frustrating and difficult ordeal with the insurance company over a denied claim or lengthy delays.  The workers’ compensation system has specific claims requirements that require a knowledgeable workers compensation attorney.

Did your employer’s workers’ comp insurer refuse to pay your benefits, forcing you to compromise or end your medical care and deal with enormous financial pressures due to your lack of income? This is an unfortunately common situation — and it may constitute workers’ compensation bad faith. At Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers, based in Houston, Texas, a central focus of our team of attorneys is taking decisive legal action for victims like you and your family.

Unjust Claim Denials and Delays May Be Insurance Bad Faith

Some of the actions that may be categorized as bad faith under Texas insurance laws include:

  • Wrongfully denying or delaying your claim and the payment of workers’ compensation benefits
  • Canceling your benefit payments without a valid reason
  • Holding back your benefits while you fought through the appeal process and ultimately won your claim

Case Investigators and Trial Lawyers Who Go the Distance for Injured Workers

When our legal team evaluates and investigates potential bad faith claims, we often find a disturbing pattern of profit-focused, willful behavior that seriously harmed the claimant. Examples include:

  • Refusal to consider compelling medical evidence that an injured person needs surgery, rehabilitative care or another form of essential treatment
  • Attempting to claim that the injury did not happen on the job — often despite witness accounts and other clear evidence
  • Wrongfully denying that the employer had workers’ compensation coverage at all

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In many case successes for injured workers, we must start with that essential question: is bad faith involved? Then we determine if a lawsuit is appropriate and the best move for you — based on where your case stands today and the medical, financial and other damages you suffered during a claim denial or delay.

We encourage you to contact our workers compensation attorney to discuss any serious dispute with Texas Mutual, Liberty Mutual, Zurich or another workers’ compensation insurer in Texas.