A catastrophic personal injury, or wrongful death of a loved one, can happen in an instant and changes lives forever.  Unfortunately, too many injuries happen as a result of the misconduct or greed of corporations that profits over safety, and insurance companies that just don’t care.  A personal injury involves an injury caused by another person’s failure to use reasonable care, and a wrongful death occurs when negligence takes a life far too soon. These injuries may be caused by industrial incidents, maritime and offshore injuries, prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, aviation accidents, trucking or bus accidents, and cruise ship injuries. Every year people are injured in accidents involving negligence, gross negligence, safety laws and regulations being ignored, and other acts or omissions, and corporate misconduct. Facing such a life-changing event requires a personal injury lawyer who can help to receive compensation and allow you to recover from an injury.

Our personal injury lawyer at Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers has experience in a wide range of cases and injuries. Please contact us if you need counsel from an attorney and firm willing to fight companies for injuries sustained on vacation.

We have proven our ability to fight for our clients in a variety of personal injuries sustained while at work or while on vacation, and at home or while traveling abroad.

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