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Doyle Dennis LLP Vs. CHI St. Luke’s Health: Employment Retaliation

Doyle Dennis LLP’s lawyers have proudly represented doctors for years. In fact, our lawyers already secured a $6.3 million verdict for a Texas doctor who the jurors confirmed was defamed and disparaged by Memorial Hermann Health System in attempt to protect its business interest, instead of patient safety. Our attorneys provide strong legal representation to physicians. In light of our firm’s extensive experience with doctors and health care workers, we were recently hired to represent a physician in a lawsuit pending against CHI St. Luke’s Health for retaliation for speaking out for his patients.

Acting on his duty as a physician, our client reported several issues relating to patient endangerment, quality improvement, and other problems that he observed. In response, the hospital and its staff began taking steps to discredit our client’s reputation. In an effort to identify and respond to patients with early signs of clinical deterioration, St. Luke’s implemented a “Rapid Response System” (RRS), which in part requires that a “Rapid Response Team” (RRT) contact the primary physician when transferring patients to the ICU. However, the RRS often fails to contact the primary physician, thereby endangering the health and safety of patients. Our client believed this practice was in violation of state law and began reporting his concerns. Our client continued to raise concerns regarding the RRT and the ICU. Following his reports, he was subjected to several retaliatory actions. Our client was also warned that his actions would be the subject of the exact type of retaliation he eventually faced. Shortly after, false accusations were made against him, and his hard-earned career was shattered.

Texas law provides strong protections for physicians. Under the Texas Health and Safety Code, a hospital may not retaliate against a person for reporting a violation of law. The statute also provides that hospitals must afford physicians due process when considering applications for medical staff membership and privileges or the renewal, modification, or revocation of medical staff membership and privileges. Despite these laws to protect patient safety and those that speak out for their protection, CHI St. Luke’s acted directly against our client after he stood up for his patients and their families.

Doyle Dennis LLP is proud to represent physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals who have been retaliated against for standing up for their patients. If you have experienced discrimination, wrongful termination, or retaliation by your employer, contact us for a free evaluation of your potential legal claim.