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Corn-Market-Damaging Actions of the Swiss Agribusiness Giant Syngenta

Farmers work hard to put food on the table for their families and the rest of the world. At Doyle Dennis Avery LLP we respect the everyday efforts of these hard working individuals. Our respect for these individuals is what initially drew our attention to the corn-market-damaging actions of the Swiss agribusiness giant Syngenta.

In 2011, Syngenta began to market and sell a genetically modified variant of corn seed, Agrisure Viptera™, to corn growers across the United States. However, Syngenta did not disclose to buyers that the corn seed had not been approved for use in U.S. export markets, including China.

The unapproved genetically modified variant (MIR GMO 162) was discovered in corn export shipments to China in November 2013. After discovering the unapproved corn, China began rejecting all U.S. shipments of corn, which caused the corn market to suffer tremendous financial losses. The entire U.S. corn supply was affected through grain elevator crop consolidation and cross-pollination, causing the loss of billions of dollars to the industry and hard-working farmers.

As a result of Syngenta’s harmful actions, the attorneys at Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers have partnered with the capable lawyers at the Law Offices of T.H. Kelley in an effort to represent those Syngenta has wronged. In this partnership, we are bringing together two firms committed to pursuing Syngenta for its wrongful conduct. Ms. Kelley also brings to the table her experience growing up on a farm in Iowa, where many in her close family still reside.

Our team is currently in the process of gathering clients for a potentially significant case against Syngenta to hold this company responsible. Anyone who sold corn in 2013/2014 may potentially have a claim: Corn growers/farmers, grain elevator owners/operators, landowners with share-crop arrangements & commodity traders. Even if you did not use Syngenta seed, you may still deserve recompense for damage to industry prices.

If you are involved in the corn industry, and believe Syngenta’s actions may have affected your livelihood please contact us as soon as possible. You can call us today at 844-311-2676 or visit for any questions or desires for more information.