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Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers we are actively monitoring the situation in Karnes County, Texas

Oil should be pulled from the earth, not rain from the sky. Following a well blowout earlier this month citizens of Karnes County and surrounding areas were subject to slimy black rain. The contaminated precipitation continues to fall weeks after the incident coating the land in Texas gold.

Unfortunately, this accident in Karnes has coated the area in toxic and dangerous substances. Part of the damage is obvious; homes, farmland, and livestock have been coated in unknown materials. The greatest fear is that these immediate effects develop into long term damages for the area. These chemicals do not belong spread across the country side for a reason.

At Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers we are actively monitoring the situation in Karnes County, Texas. We believe the blowout will certainly result in direct and indirect damages to the hard working people of this area. No one deserves for toxic substances to rain out of the sky damaging their health and livelihood.

If you believe you have been affected by the well blowout in Karnes County or any of the surrounding areas do not hesitate to contact the lawyers at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers. Damages to property, health, or well-being all should warrant someone to be held accountable for their errors.

Our firm has a wide breadth of experience in cases that are directly relevant to issues that may arise in Karnes. We are a leading firm in handling property damage claims cases on the Gulf Coast as a result of storms or tornadoes. The unique circumstances of this issue may make personal injury claims difficult as well. Rest assured that Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers team is experienced in working through the courts to hold private entities and insurance companies accountable for their improper actions.