Lawsuit Begins Against Richardson Stevedoring and Street Brothers Ready Mix For Injuries Resulting From Unsafe Conditions Aboard Their Dredge Vessel

Doyle LLP has filed a Jones Act and general maritime lawsuit against Richardson Stevedoring & Logistics, Inc, (“Richardson”) and Street Brothers Ready Mix (“Steet Brothers”), to collect legal debt and damages owed to the plaintiff due to the negligent and unseaworthy conditions aboard defendants’ vessel.

Our client, a diligent but overworked crewman, was employed aboard the defendants’ dredge vessel when he suffered a heart attack.  As owner and operator of the vessel, the defendants had the duty to keep the vessel in seaworthy condition.  “Unseaworthiness “ is a strict  liability action and occurs when a crewman is insured because of unsafe conditions, such as; unprotected workplaces, foreign substances on decks, and even what took place in this situation – an insufficient amount of crewman.

The undermanned condition aboard placed strenuous labor on the backs of a few seaman and is the legal cause of our client’s injuries. This condition could have been easily corrected or avoided and accordingly, Richardson is also being held accountable for its negligence and negligence per se under the Jones Act.

As is all too common with maritime injuries, our client was unable to immediately return to work. The law provides that seaman injured while at sea are entitled to maintenance and cure from their employers. Maintenance payment covers room and board expense until maximum recovery is reached, while cure is payment for medical expenses.  The defendants willfully ignored our client’s need to receive ongoing maintenance and cure despite plain indications of the necessity.

At the time of the our client’s injury, he was a healthy, able-bodied working man, but now suffers continuing physical impairment along with lost earnings that will continue into his future. But this plaintiff’s needs will be thoroughly litigated. For decades, Doyle LLP has been assisting individuals suffering catastrophic injuries, career-ending injuries, and wrongful death on all kinds of vessels across the world.

If you or a loved one is a crewman and has been injured while on or near navigable waters, contact the lawyers of Doyle LLP for immediate assistance.