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Doyle Files Longshore Maritime Action against Edison Chouest Offshore and Chevron USA

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP has filed a general maritime lawsuit against Edison Chouest Offshore (“Edison Chouest”) and Chevron USA, Inc. (“Chevron”), after our client suffered an electrocution while at work.  Suit is filed under the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act, a federal workers’ compensation program that covers injuries which take place in areas adjacent to navigable waterways for workers engaged in maritime employments.

As an employee of PMI Environmental, the plaintiff was cleaning the tank of a vessel owned by Edison Chouest and operated by Chevron while the vessel was at a dock on navigable waters of the United States. During this particular instance of tank maintenance, the lights in the tank went out. With a light in one hand, plaintiff reached and triggered a relay button which immediately sent 110 volts of electricity through his body, causing serious and debilitating pains. Immediately, our client’s right arm went numb and doctors note signs of continuing neuropathic issues.

The acts and omissions of Edison Chouest and Chevron constitute negligence and negligence per se by them failing to act in a reasonably prudent manner after the catastrophe. Gross negligence also took place as the corporations, acting through employees, agents, and representatives, recklessly and dangerously failed to carry out the safety obligations which would have prevented our client’s impairment and possible future disfigurement.

As is normal in such injurious situations, our client also suffered a loss of earning capacity and endures extensive medical expenses, both past and future.

If you or someone you love has suffered injury on or near a vessel and believe the claim involves the Longshore Act, Jones Act, or another possible area of maritime law, contact the admiralty attorneys of Doyle. Our firm has the incomparable experience, qualification, and reputation needed to strive for the largest recovery possible for your loss.