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Insurance Company and Claim Representative Liable in Arizona Worker’s Compensation Bad Faith Action

Doyle has filed a workers compensation bad faith lawsuit against Liberty Mutual Fire Company and its adjuster following a wrongful delay and denial of an Arizona workers compensation claim.

The plaintiff, a hardworking employee of Airline Training Center, was exiting the wing of an airplane after performing maintenance, when he fell from it. Our client’s forceful impact with the concrete caused re-aggravation to a previously injured right knee and right elbow as well as new injuries to the left knee, forearms, and right wrist.

Rather than properly investigate and adjust the claim to ensure the legal benefits promised by the Worker’s Compensation Act, Liberty Mutual chose to delay and deny timely payment without an adequate investigation and engaged in various other illegal acts act and omissions throughout the process.

The assigned adjuster in this action is also at fault for aiding and abetting.  Due to their licensure, a workers compensation insurance adjuster has personal responsibilities and obligations, both independent of and in conjunction with their employment. The adjuster here “knew” the claim was not fairly debatable and lacked a reasonable basis to delay and deny payment; this improper behavior substantially assisted and encouraged the carrier’s illegal actions. The actions of both parties forced the plaintiff to hire representation to aid in securing benefits.

It was only after the initiation of litigation that the carrier and adjuster rescinded their prior decision and belatedly agreed to the rightful insurance benefits. Repeated delays of payment for necessary medical care and other benefits subjected our client to significant economic impact, humiliation, worry, distress, and continuing economic and physical damage.

At Doyle LLP, our worker’s compensation bad faith legal team is well-accustomed to complex claims as we regularly strive for noteworthy outcomes for our clients. If an insurance company or their representatives have engaged in what you believe was improper delay or denial or your claim, let us handle them for you. Contact our office today to let us know how you have been harmed.