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Doyle Files Worker’s Compensation Bad Faith Action against Banner Health in Arizona

Mike Doyle has filed a worker’s compensation bad faith action against Banner Health (“Banner”), on behalf of a plaintiff that continues to suffer damages due to this insurance company’s improper claims handling tactics.

As a certified nurse’s assistant for Banner Del Webb Medical Center, our client was often engaged in required strenuous activity. On the incident date, she was helping lift a patient in bed alongside another aid when a miscommunication resulted in the patient’s weight falling on her. Immediate back pain and left lower extremity burning sensations resulted. Later diagnoses of acute lumbar strains, spondylolisthesis, lumbar stenosis, and scoliosis, lead to epidural steroid injections and a further need for physical therapy and medical assistance.

However, the insurer refused to provide sufficient and legally required treatment. Rather than properly investigating and adjusting our client’s claim to ensure her receipt of medical and financial benefits, her claim was delayed and denied without a reasonable basis or adequate investigation.

When worker’s compensation providers wrongfully cause individuals to suffer, the lawyers of Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers proactively pursue them until our clients’ legal rights are vindicated. This includes bringing to justice to everyone that is involved in the illegal action. In this case, the claims adjuster is also being charged with aiding and abetting. An adjuster has personal responsibilities and obligations when handling claims and cannot engage in conduct that supports or encourages the insurer in delaying and denying claims.

Obtaining relief in a worker’s compensation bad faith action requires strategy, dispute resolution skills, and exceptional experience in handling this complicated form of litigation. If you or someone you know has been injured and you believe bad faith was present, you need a legal team that knows how to win in this arena. The worker’s compensation attorneys of Doyle enjoy a well-earned reputation in this field as our sole objective is always to secure the best achievable result for each individual harmed. Contact our firm today for complete assistance.