Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers vs. Carnival Corporation

Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers has filed a maritime and admiralty suit against Carnival Corporation for leg and knee injuries suffered by its client, who was assigned to work aboard a Carnival Corporation cruise ship. The case will be heard by a jury in the Southern District of Texas, Galveston Division.

Doyle LLP’s Client was injured aboard the M/V Carnival Magic, a vessel owned and operated by Carnival Corporation on February 26, 2016. During his shift, he slipped and fell on a slick substance that was left on a flight of stairs. As a result, he sustained serious and debilitating injuries, including a broken femur and knee. The stairs at issue were in a slippery, un-protected, defective, and unfit for their intended purpose condition at the time of the incident. The suit alleges that Carnival Corporation was negligent and grossly negligent in creating the condition that led to its client’s injuries.

The suit seeks damages for medical care, loss of earnings in the past and future, pain and suffering, and physical impairment. In addition, the suit seeks punitive damages owed due to the gross negligence of Carnival.

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