Doyle LLP Files Jones Act Suit against Texas Crewboats

Doyle LLP has filed a Jones Act lawsuit against Texas Crewboats on behalf of a seaman injured near Puerto Rico.

The plaintiff was a deckhand aboard the vessel when asked in the scope of his employment to perform tasks without the proper equipment and with insufficient assistance.  Due to the unseaworthiness of the vessel, he slipped resulting in a torn meniscus which requires surgical intervention. The plaintiff was working aboard an aluminum crew-supply vessel at the time of his injury.

Due to the injury, the plaintiff is owed maintenance and cure which he has not received. Texas Crewboats was responsible for the dangerous and defective condition of the vessel. Their negligence resulted in the plaintiff’s injury.

Doyle stands behind this offshore worker in their fight against a negligent company and the resulting lack of obligation to an injured seaman. If you or someone you love has been injured in an offshore incident, please contact the attorneys at Doyle.