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Doyle LLP Files Jones Act Lawsuit against CGG Land

Doyle LLP has filed a Jones Act and general maritime lawsuit against CGG Land on behalf of an injured seaman. The seaman was injured while in the scope of his employment in the Gulf of Mexico offshore Galveston. He was employed by CGG.

On the date of the incident in question, the plaintiff was required to carry on his assigned duties with insufficient assistance and equipment, and as a result sustained serious injuries to his knee that eventually required surgical intervention.

CGG was the chartered operator of M/V SUPER T and was responsible for its dangerous and unseaworthy conditions (and of its fittings), which was a legal cause of the plaintiff’s injuries. The dangerous and defective condition of the vessel violated applicable laws and regulations of the United States of America for vessels, and accordingly CGG is liable for negligence, negligence per se, and in strict liability.

This case is also brought under the general maritime law to recover for willful, wanton, wrongful denial of maintenance and cure due and owing the plaintiff for his injury sustained onboard CGG’s vessel. CGG is fully liable for payment of maintenance and cure until the plaintiff reaches maximum medical cure for the injury sustained in the service of the vessel.

CGG Land has an obligation of safety and to the continued health of their employee. By allowing an unseaworthy vessel to be put out to sea, they placed their employees in danger and at risk of injuries.

If you or someone you love has been injured while working offshore, please contact the maritime lawyers at Doyle.