Congress Passes Bill Requiring Disclosure of Military Contractor Immunity

Earlier this week, Congress passed a new defense approprations bill. Included is a key amendment designed to promote greater transparency in the government’s dealings with military contractors.

Under the new terms, the military is required to inform both the House and Senate Armed Services Committee when signing contracts granting military contractors immunity from liability.

The goal of the bill is to force greater transparency in the Pentagon’s dealings with contractors, particularly in light of the military’s contract with KBR, which attempted to give KBR immunity from various aspects of its operations during the Iraq War.

Doyle represents U.S. and U.K. servicemen harmed by exposure to sodium dichromate (hexavalent chromium) after being contracted by KBR to monitor its Qarmat Ali Water Treatment Facility in Iraq. Litigation in this case is still ongoing in Oregon and Texas.

More information on the bill is available here.