Doyle Dennis LLP Sues Greyhound After Greyhound Bus Accident

Doyle Dennis LLP’s client was recently injured while traveling on a Greyhound bus through Albuquerque, New Mexico. Due to the negligence of Greyhound, the bus on which the client was traveling crashed into a cement barrier and flipped.  

While the bus was traveling approximately 60 mph, an altercation between two passengers ensued. Rather than slowing the bus, pulling to the shoulder, or attempting to stop the altercation, Greyhound’s driver failed to take any reasonable action. During the altercation, one of the passengers came into the driver’s space because Greyhound’s plexiglass barrier was insufficient to securely separate the driver from the passengers. Once the passenger was behind the plexiglass barrier, the driver lost control of the bus. As a result of Greyhound’s driver’s failure to adequately respond to the altercation or maintain eye contact on the road and to his surroundings, the bus crashed. Following the crash, the client required assistance to be physically removed from the bus. She was subsequently transported to a hospital.

Greyhound is a common carrier. As a common carrier, Greyhound owed a duty of the utmost care to its passengers, including Doyle Dennis LLP’s client. Further, under the doctrine “respondeat superior,” employers like Greyhound may be liable when their employees, including their drivers, are negligent. After the incident, the client retained Doyle Dennis LLP to file a lawsuit against Greyhound Lines, Inc., for its negligence, which caused the client to sustain serious injuries.   

If you were in a car or bus accident, call Doyle Dennis LLP today for a free evaluation of your claim.  

Wrongful Termination Verdict Affirmed by Supreme Court of Texas

On September 3rd, 2022, the Texas Supreme Court denied a petition to review a $1.7 million dollar judgement in favor of Doyle Dennis LLP’s client Joseph Ball against Alleyton Resource Company LLC. The judgement owed to our client will now also include approximately $266,913 in post judgment interest accumulated during the appeal of the verdict.
Doyle Dennis LLP attorneys originally presented the case of Ball v. Alleyton Resource Company LLC in July of 2019 to a Fort Bend County District Court jury. The jury found in the Plaintiff’s favor with a verdict of $1,706,187. The verdict awarded Mr. Ball approximately $1,706,187 in total damages, which includes $164,168, in past lost wages, $675,519 in future lost wages, $100,000 in past mental anguish, $16,500 in future mental anguish, and $750,000 in punitive damages. Alleyton appealed this verdict, and on June 3rd, 2021 the Fourteenth Court of Appeals, in Houston, Texas, affirmed the initial judgment in favor of Doyle Dennis LLP and their client Joseph Ball.
Mr. Ball worked for Alleyton Resources as a ready-mix concrete truck driver for nearly a decade. He unfortunately suffered an on-the-job injury and instituted worker’s compensation proceedings regarding the matter. Mr. Ball was then terminated as a result. Chapter 451 of the Texas Labor Code expressly prohibits retaliation or discrimination against employees for filing a workers’ compensation claim in good faith. Doyle Dennis LLP was retained to litigate the wrongful termination claim on behalf of Mr. Ball and his family. During the trial, Doyle Dennis LLP’s team submitted evidence that Alleyton violated its own policies, concealed the motive for Mr. Ball’s termination, contradicted its basis for the termination, and failed to accurately and timely document the termination. As part of the verdict, Doyle Dennis LLP and their client are entitled to substantial pre and post judgment interest and costs.

Retain our Team of Talented Trial Lawyers

Doyle Dennis LLP’s attorneys have decades of combined litigation experience in courtrooms across the nation. Our firm’s proven track record of litigating difficult cases provides our clients the ally they need when dealing with life changing legal matters. Our firm understands and takes great responsibility in respecting the trust our client’s place in us to work on their behalf. We aim to help our clients get what they legally deserve. Our team of attorneys understands what it takes to present a case to a jury and get our client’s the results that they deserve. If you are interested in speaking with our team at Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers, please contact us today. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis – meaning you do not have to pay exorbitant upfront costs to hire us. You can schedule a free consultation by calling us today.

Houston Police Officer Runs Over Innocent Bystander

Doyle Dennis LLP fights for people who were harmed by the Houston Police Department and the City of Houston, including the family members of victims who were killed by HPD officers.  Last year, Doyle Dennis LLP filed suit on behalf of the Estate of Rhogena Nicholas after Houston police officers unlawfully invaded Nicholas’ home and killed Nicholas, her husband, and their dog.  Based upon this experience, Janice Jackson hired Doyle Dennis LLP to file suit against the Houston Police Department and the City of Houston after an HPD officer killed her husband.           

Michael Wayne Jackson was walking to get a haircut on December 4, 2021 when he was struck and killed by a Houston police officer. According to the Texas Department of Transportation report, the officer was “traveling at an unsafe speed for the roadway conditions and performed a faulty evasive action to avoid stopped traffic by going on the sidewalk.”  As a result of the officer’s complete disregard for safety, his vehicle collided with Mr. Jackson, who was walking on the sidewalk.  Approximately 126 minutes after the collision near Reed Road and Scott Street, Mr. Jackson was pronounced deceased at the scene.  Mr. Jackson is survived by his wife, Janice Jackson, and children.    

Houston police officers have a disturbing history of ignoring protocols and hurting innocent people.  Doyle Dennis LLP understands that this is unacceptable.  Our lawyers are not afraid to pursue legal action against the state and federal government, including municipalities and police departments.  If your civil rights have been violated by the Houston Police Department, call us for a free initial evaluation of your potential legal rights.      

Doyle Files Suit Against Tundra Strategies for Role in Death of US Servicemen

Doyle has filed suit against Tundra Strategies on behalf of several United States servicemen, including the family members of a servicemen who was killed, while serving in Afghanistan.  The servicemen were shot by an Afghan national, Shir Ahmed, who was not properly screened by Tundra, which was hired by the U.S. government in November 2009 to screen and monitor military security.

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