Houston Police Officer Runs Over Innocent Bystander

Doyle Dennis LLP fights for people who were harmed by the Houston Police Department and the City of Houston, including the family members of victims who were killed by HPD officers.  Last year, Doyle Dennis LLP filed suit on behalf of the Estate of Rhogena Nicholas after Houston police officers unlawfully invaded Nicholas’ home and killed Nicholas, her husband, and their dog.  Based upon this experience, Janice Jackson hired Doyle Dennis LLP to file suit against the Houston Police Department and the City of Houston after an HPD officer killed her husband.           

Michael Wayne Jackson was walking to get a haircut on December 4, 2021 when he was struck and killed by a Houston police officer. According to the Texas Department of Transportation report, the officer was “traveling at an unsafe speed for the roadway conditions and performed a faulty evasive action to avoid stopped traffic by going on the sidewalk.”  As a result of the officer’s complete disregard for safety, his vehicle collided with Mr. Jackson, who was walking on the sidewalk.  Approximately 126 minutes after the collision near Reed Road and Scott Street, Mr. Jackson was pronounced deceased at the scene.  Mr. Jackson is survived by his wife, Janice Jackson, and children.    

Houston police officers have a disturbing history of ignoring protocols and hurting innocent people.  Doyle Dennis LLP understands that this is unacceptable.  Our lawyers are not afraid to pursue legal action against the state and federal government, including municipalities and police departments.  If your civil rights have been violated by the Houston Police Department, call us for a free initial evaluation of your potential legal rights.      

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At the Houston law firm Doyle LLP, we are immersed in several complex and constantly evolving areas of law. Our experienced attorneys apply genuine passion in our strategic advocacy efforts for injured maritime workers, soldiers severely harmed by military contractors while deployed overseas, and people injured while working and traveling internationally.

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Doyle wins widow and children insurance benefits after 5 year fight

This afternoon a jury in the 163rd District Court of Orange County, Texas found Commerce and Industry Insurance Company, an AIG company, responsible for workers’ compensation survivor benefits for the family of a worker original injured at BP’s Texas City plant in May 2004. After a two and a half day trial before the Honorable Dennis Powell, the jury found that Bruce Stewart’s death from an accidental overdose of medicine prescribed for treatment of his injury was “a result of” the original injury as it arose from the medical treatment made necessary by the on the job injury.

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Doyle featured in Today’s Houston Chronicle on the Transocean Deepwater Horizon Rig Explosion

Mike Doyle of Doyle was quoted in today’s Houston Chronicle article by Lise Olsen and Terri Langford on Gulf Accidents. The article addresses the long history of oil rig explosions in the Gulf of Mexico over the past several years. Often the maritime industry touts its safety record based on reported incidents, but many if not most incidents are unreported, and there is essentially no hands-on oversight of rig safety. These safety shortcomings can result in tragedy, as evidenced by the recent tragedy on the Deepwater Horizon, a Transocean and BP operation. As Mike Doyle was quoted, “There is a big difference between their actual incident/injury rate and their self-reported (rate).”The full text of the Chronicle article can be found at this link.

Doyle files suit against Sedgwick and Brigestone on behalf of adjuster wrongfully terminated for refusal to commit illegal claims handling practices

Kimberley Soukup is a licensed workers’ compensation adjuster who takes her responsibilities to injured workers under Texas law seriously. Unfortunately, her determination to adhere to the laws intended to assure fair administration of workers’ compensation claims got her in hot water with her employer, third-party administrator Sedgwick Claims Management.

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