Doyle Dennis LLP Sues Greyhound After Greyhound Bus Accident

Doyle Dennis LLP’s client was recently injured while traveling on a Greyhound bus through Albuquerque, New Mexico. Due to the negligence of Greyhound, the bus on which the client was traveling crashed into a cement barrier and flipped.  

While the bus was traveling approximately 60 mph, an altercation between two passengers ensued. Rather than slowing the bus, pulling to the shoulder, or attempting to stop the altercation, Greyhound’s driver failed to take any reasonable action. During the altercation, one of the passengers came into the driver’s space because Greyhound’s plexiglass barrier was insufficient to securely separate the driver from the passengers. Once the passenger was behind the plexiglass barrier, the driver lost control of the bus. As a result of Greyhound’s driver’s failure to adequately respond to the altercation or maintain eye contact on the road and to his surroundings, the bus crashed. Following the crash, the client required assistance to be physically removed from the bus. She was subsequently transported to a hospital.

Greyhound is a common carrier. As a common carrier, Greyhound owed a duty of the utmost care to its passengers, including Doyle Dennis LLP’s client. Further, under the doctrine “respondeat superior,” employers like Greyhound may be liable when their employees, including their drivers, are negligent. After the incident, the client retained Doyle Dennis LLP to file a lawsuit against Greyhound Lines, Inc., for its negligence, which caused the client to sustain serious injuries.   

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