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Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Filed against Gerdau Ameristeel by Doyle LLP

Doyle LLP has filed a wrongful termination suit against Gerdau Ameristeel US, Inc., (“Gerdau”), after he was fired in retaliation for filing a workers compensation claim.

Our client, a loyal and diligent employee of Gerdau, was engaging in unloading a shipment of iron beams from a mechanical forklift when he felt a pull and pop in his hamstring. Rather than respond to the injury as required by law, his employer harassed and then fired our client, fabricating excuses for his termination to prevent having to provide lawful benefits.

State and federal law are designed to protect employees in these circumstances, examples of wrongful termination include;

  • Being fired on the basis of sexual orientation, religion, race, or disability
  • Being dismissed for reporting illegal or unethical actions taking place in the company
  • Retaliation for acting under afforded rights, like filing a company complaint, filing for medically necessary time off, or applying for worker’s compensation benefits

Gerdau violated the State of Texas’ workers’ compensation laws, set in place to prevent discriminatory misconduct against a worker injured on the job. The violation involved the company being aware of our client’s compensable job injury and then engaging in actions designed to result in his termination. This mistreatment entitles our client to his actual, punitive, and exemplary damages, along with other penalties the law sets forth.

The employment law attorneys of Doyle LLP will continue to provide sophisticated legal counsel to this client. This level of well-considered guidance is provided to each general worker, manager, or executive level employee we represent after they have been treated unjustly in the workplace. There are options available if you feel you have been a victim of wrongful termination. Contact Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers LLP today for a personalized assessment of your situation.