Workers’ Compensation Bad Faith – CopperPoint

Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers have filed suit against CopperPoint General Insurance Company, CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company (collectively “CopperPoint”), and their adjuster alleging breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing and aiding and abetting arising from the wrongful acts committed during the handling Doyle LLP Client’s claim.  

CopperPoint was responsible for handling workers’ compensation claims for Doyle LLP Client’s employer.  Our client filed a claim for workers’ compensation after he fell reaching for a nail gun, injuring his back, head, and neck.  While first accepting Doyle LLP Client’s claim, CopperPoint and the adjuster began to delay payment and approval of treatment, culminating in an eventual denial.

Doyle LLP’s Client was forced to hire a lawyer to represent his interests in front of the Industrial Commission of Arizona in order to require Defendants to pay the owed benefits.  Finally, after roughly seven months and litigation before the ICA, Defendants paid the owed benefits.  During that time of delay, Doyle LLP’s Client suffered from pain and suffering, financial turmoil, and mental anguish.

Doyle LLP focuses its practice on representing injured workers who are injured due to the wrongful conduct of workers’ compensation insurers, long term and short term disability insurers, and health insurers. If you or someone you know has suffered as a result of bad faith conduct by an insurance carrier, contact us.