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Why You Need An Injury Attorney For Trawl Winch Accidents

An experienced maritime injury attorney must be familiar with many types of offshore hazards. For example, a trawl winch could be considered a hazard on a sometimes dangerous maritime job. Often heavy and operated with complex machinery, these wind-affected tools are used on offshore rigs and seafaring vessels to carry loads of various sizes. Unfortunately, they have been responsible for several deaths and nearly thirty injuries from the years 2001 to 2011.

Improper Use And Neglect Of Maritime Tools

In accordance with regulations laid out by OSHA and the U.S. Coast Guard, trawl winches must be properly stowed and subjected to regular maintenance. However, as the nature of these winches often involves adjustable netting and wire, loose clothing and other snaggable objects can cause a worker to become ensnared. The resulting injury or death is often grounds for a maritime lawsuit.

Different Circumstances, Same Result

Trawl winches are useful for many different offshore jobs, so they can be found on many different types of vessels. The changing circumstances of their use and location bear no effect on the validity of a case. In fact, all workboat related injuries and deaths are at the very least worthy of consulting a maritime injury attorney. Legal representation by Doyle LLP can assist victims in getting financial compensation as quickly as possible.

Understanding Maritime Rights

Offshore workers must go through different channels to seek legal recourse than their land-based counterparts. As the laws affecting a business vary from state to state, and are even limited to U.S. borders, they have no bearing in open ocean territory. Fortunately, the Jones Act protects seamen from being unfairly treated after an injury. A maritime injury attorney, such as those found at Doyle LLP, will be familiar with this act and can defend a plaintiff in an offshore injury or death case.