Premises liability and dog bite Lawsuit


In May 2020, Doyle LLP filed suit on behalf of our client against individual defendants. The client had been the victim of a violent dog mauling at the residence of the defendants. The suit, which was filed in Nueces County, Texas states defendants’ negligence in numerous matters with regard to the handling of a known dangerous animal caused serious permanent injuries and damages to Doyle LLP’s client.

Doyle LLP’s client in November 2019 was invited to the Defendants’ residence. When the client arrived, they were introduced by the Defendant to their dog who was represented as friendly. Doyle LLP’s client went to pet the dog when it lunged at the client and clamped down on the right side of the client’s face. As a result of this incident, Doyle LLP’s client suffered severe injuries and impairment, nerve injury and scarring arising out of a long laceration that perforated their facial muscles as a result of the vicious mauling. The dog also was not vaccinated properly at the time of the attack. The physical pain and mental trauma immediately following the attack was severe. The client required immediate medical treatment including stitches, antibiotics, pain medications, and a tetanus shot. The client has also faced long term care issues from this attack.

This incident has greatly changed Doyle LLP client’s life with permanent disfigurement and damage to the client’s face. The client has a large scar due to the encounter with continued issues with pain, numbness, and sensory loss along the scar. The client’s damages also include medical costs and the mental anguish caused by the initial attack, distress during the recovery, and continued anguish caused by the condition the client has been left in from the attack.

The defendants’ callous disregard for their visitors’ rights and safety ultimately caused this unfortunate and preventable incident. Known to the defendants and unknown to Doyle LLP’s client the defendants’ dog, a pit bull, had vicious propensities and posed a danger to humans when not properly controlled. Defendants showed gross negligence in failing to handle their known dangerous animal, failing to take measures to make the dog less of a threat to attack people, and otherwise failing to exercise the ordinary care of a pet owner. Defendants grossly negligent behavior regarding their own pet ultimately resulted in life changing physical and mental injuries to Doyle LLP’s client. As a result, Doyle LLP’s client seeks damages related to the physical and mental trauma associated with the mauling and those damages he is owed as he continues to suffer from the repercussions of the attack.

If you are seriously injured due to the gross negligence of individuals you may have a claim to recover damages for injuries and associated damages. Individuals at fault due to gross negligence can be held liable for their behavior if you were seriously injured or harmed as a result. Doyle Trial Lawyers can help you understand your rights and how to pursue a claim against defendants whose negligent behavior results in severe injuries and damage to individuals. Doyle LLP works on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not get paid unless your case has a positive resolution. Please reach out to Doyle LLP today for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights after a serious injury caused by other’s gross negligence.