Maritime Law

Admiralty and maritime injury law is complex. Your rights to recover monetary compensation under the Jones Act and other maritime laws may be much different than those in any other type of injury case. We have the experience and expertise to help.


Admiralty and maritime injury law is a complex area governed by a variety of federal statutes. Your rights and opportunities to recover monetary compensation under the Jones Act and other maritime laws may be much different than those in any other type of injury case.

In addition to hundreds of cases involving drilling rigs, barges, tugboats, other vessels, oil platforms and transport helicopters on U.S. waterways, our attorneys at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers have handled numerous maritime law cases originating in international and foreign waters. If you need a lawyer to evaluate your maritime injury claim, contact our Texas-based firm today.

Jones Act and 905(b) Claims — Fatal Accidents — International Cases

We focus on serious maritime accidents and injuries, wherever they occur along the Gulf Coast or elsewhere. You can depend on our ability to handle:

Jones Act claims, as well as third-party personal injury litigation, for maritime workers injured working on U.S. waterways or docks.

Shore-based maritime injuries best addressed through 33 U.S.C.A. §905(b) claims against a vessel as a third party or party other than the employer.

International maritime injuries

Fatal maritime accidents leaving family members without financial support and companionship

Maritime Injury

Maritime & Jones Act Claims

  • Shore- Based Maritime Injuries
  • Maintenance and Cure
  • Reporting Maritime/Jones Act Injuries
  • Lawsuits Against Maritime Employers
  • Offshore Fracking Injuries

Serious Maritime Injury

  • Fatal Maritime Accidents
  • Maritime Line Injury Claims
  • Maritime Tool Injuries
  • Maritime Lifting Injuries
  • Injuries from Making UP or Unfacing a Barge
  • Maritime Gangway Injuries
  • Maritime Spinal, Neck and back Injuries
  • Maritime Head and Brain Injuries
  • Maritime Burn Injuries

Injured Seaman

  • Tankers, Cargo & Container Vessels
  • Tugboat & Barge Injury Attorneys
  • Dredging Vessel Injuries
  • Dive Boats & Divers
  • Workboat Injuries
  • Inland Marine Injuries

Defending The Rights Of Injured Oilfield Workers

  • Offshore Drilling Rig Injuries
  • Offshore Explosions
  • Fixed Platform Injuries

Maritime Accidents In US Waters

  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • California
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • New York
  • Alaska

International Maritime Injuries

 Maritime & Offshore Employer Disputes

  • Edison Chouest Maritime Disputes
  • Transocean Maritime Disputes


Our attorneys are prepared to take a serious look at your claim and potential case. Ours is one of a select few Texas law firms with extensive experience in international litigation, and we have clear strengths in personal injury, maritime, insurance bad faith, property insurance disputes, hurricane damage and other claims against powerful entities.

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