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Have you been involved in a jackknifing trucking accident?

Jackknifing accidents can cause massive property damage, injuries, and loss of life. At a minimum, they cause traffic to back up for hours. That was the case in an accident a few weeks ago in Bellaire.

Two rigs were involved in a jackknifing accident on the 610 West Loop. One of the rigs was carrying a very heavy load of concrete and jackknifed, spilling concrete onto the roadway. It took crews around 4 hours to clean up the mess and clear the wreckage. Every year there are tens of thousands of accidents involving commercial tractor-trailers. The victims of these accidents are frequently left with few options. The lawyers of the major trucking companies have money and experience on their side. That’s why it’s so important to have a skilled and experienced defense lawyer on your side when fighting for compensation. Jackknifing occurs under situations like:

  • Improper sudden braking
  • Improper brake maintenance
  • Braking on icy or slick roads
  • Downshifting incorrectly
  • Entering a curve the truck can’t handle

Proper brake maintenance is a major factor when investigating these cases. Commercial big rigs have three separate brake systems, one for the front wheels of the cab (steering axle), one for the rear wheels of the cab (drive axle), and one for the trailer (trailer axle). If any of these systems are faulty, or in some cases even bypassed, the trucking company would be liable for the accident and you could receive compensation in civil court. If you or a loved one have experienced injury due to a jackknifed trailer, know that this is not a normal situation. You need experienced legal help to deal with the lawyers of the trucking  company. That’s where the lawyers of Doyle LLC can help. We have secured compensation for many clients involved in big rig accidents and will fight diligently in your case. Call our offices for a free consultation.