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Doyle Sues Intergulf For Wrongful Termination Following Plaintiff’s Initiation of A Workers’ Compensation Proceeding

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP has filed suit against Intergulf Corporation (“Intergulf”) for its retaliatory actions against Plaintiff following his filing of a workers’ compensation claim for medical and wage compensation benefits.

Our client, a loyal and hard-working employee of Intergulf, tripped over a ground cable and landed on his elbow, and he quickly developed a hematoma. After suffering weeks of elbow pain, an MRI revealed surgery was necessary to repair a tendon.

Two weeks post-surgery our client started light-duty work within Intergulf’s administration office but began falling frequently due to a loss of leg strength. These knee problems were associated with the initial injury, but our client’s supervisors incorrectly told him he couldn’t report this issue as 30 days had passed since the original filing.  To add further insult to injury, Intergulf began discriminatory actions against our client, culminating in his wrongful firing.

The claimed basis for our client’s termination was pretextual and in violation of the Texas Labor Code.  Texas law prohibits an employer from discharging or otherwise retaliating against an employee for his or her involvement in a worker’s compensation proceeding.

Intergulf was aware our client’s injury was compensable yet engaged in actions designed to result in his termination. The mistreatment that took place now entitles our client to actual, punitive, and exemplary damages, along with other penalties under related provisions.

The Worker’s Compensation lawyers of Doyle Dennis Avery LLP remain committed to helping this Plaintiff pursue justice against Intergulf. If you or someone you love has experienced a situation similar to this, please contact the attorneys at Doyle Dennis Avery LLP , today.