Doyle Sues BL Technology for Retaliation Against An Employee Following His Filing Of A Worker’s Comp Claim

Doyle LLP has filed suit against BL Technology, Inc., (“BL Technology”) for wrongfully terminating Plaintiff in response to his filing for compensation benefits following an at-work injury.

Our client, a loyal and hardworking field technician for BL Technology, fell and injured his spine while installing cameras at an oil plant in La Porte, Texas. The fall caused him severe back pains and an inability to fulfill workplace duties. After an MRI revealed surgery was needed to repair a herniated disk, our client filed for benefits under Texas Worker’s Compensation laws to meet this financial obligation.

Texas law prohibits employers from firing employees in response to their involvement in a worker’s compensation proceeding, but employers still do it all that time. If you can show that your employer has terminated you or taken any other action specifically against you because you filed a good-faith claim for benefits, you are entitled to damages.

After our client underwent surgery, BL Technology offered him a light-duty position. He accepted the position, but indicated it would be pending the results of physical therapy and medical clearance. While he was in a worker’s compensation dispute to obtain therapy benefits, BL Technology fired him for not showing up to work.

The company was aware our client couldn’t fulfill this request, but designed a scheme to result in his termination. Actions of harassment and wrongful terminations may entitle victims to actual, punitive, and exemplary damages, along with other penalties under Texas Worker’s Compensation law and the Texas Labor Code.

At the law office of Doyle LLP, we have protected the rights of injured Texas workers for decades. Our employment lawyers have extensive experience in representing men and women who have suffered a loss because of a job related injury, including those wrongfully terminated. If you believe you are a victim of similar retaliation in the workplace, contact Doyle LLP today for an in-depth assessment of your situation.