Doyle Reverses Prior Ruling and Defeats Travelers Indemnity Company

Doyle LLP is proud to announce its trial victory on September 27, 2010 against Travelers Indemnity Company. For four years, Travelers Indemnity refused to provide medical benefits to Clyde Ashworth caused by a 2006 car wreck resulting in herniated discs to Mr. Ashworth’s lumbar and cervical spine.\

Two surgeries were requested by the treating physicians, Travelers failed to take responsibility for either. Unfortunately, the Division of Worker’s Compensation (under the Texas Department of Insurance) concurred with Traveler’s denial and Mr. Ashworth was forced to seek legal relief in Galveston County Court. Doyle began legal representation of Mr. Ashworth in May of 2010, after the unfortunate passing of Mr. Ashworth’s prior attorney. The two day trial concluded on September 24, 2010 and the decision was finally rendered on September 27. Mr. Ashworth prevailed on all issues before the Court and Travelers was ordered to pay the long overdue benefits. This favorable decision reversed and overturned two prior rulings before the Division of Worker’s Compensation. Doyle is thrilled to report this successful outcome for a very deserving client.