Doyle Moving Offices in June

Big changes are coming to Doyle, as we prepare to move into a new office building. We’re saying goodbye to the Central Business District downtown and moving to a new location in June in Montrose.

The address will be 2402 Dunlavy St., a 10,000 square foot office building in the Montrose area that was built in 2009. We will own and occupy the entire building.

The primary reason we chose this location is because it will provide a great work environment for our employees, and give our clients a more convenient place to visit. Montrose is an energetic location in Houston near Midtown, and we’re looking forward to enjoying this new space as our firm’s permanent home.

Another reason that drove the decision to move is high rents and low vacancy. The CBD has the largest concentration of law firms in Houston, but according to JLL, our buyer’s agent, many firms are beginning to migrate away from this area because the CBD has some of the highest rents in Houston.  After many years downtown, we are looking forward to the move.