Doyle LLP Vs. Republic Manufacturing Group INC. d/b/a Republic Bag Co. and Alpha Industries Management Inc. d/b/a Republic Bag Co: Wrongful Termination

Doyle LLP filed suit in August of 2020 in Harris County District Court under the Texas Labor Code against Republic Manufacturing Group INC. d/b/a Republic Bag Co. and Alpha Industries Management Inc. d/b/a Republic Bag Co. The suit alleges that Republic Bag Co. retaliated with discrimination against Doyle LLP’s client and then fired her after she filed a workers’ compensation claim.

Texas workers have certain rights after suffering an injury in the course and scope of their employment. Under Texas law, an injured worker who reports and files a workers’ compensation claim and/or seeks benefits, including medical treatment, is entitled to protection under Texas Labor Code § 451.001. This is the law that the suit alleges Republic Bag Co. violated.

According to the legal filing, Republic Bag Co. knew of our client’s compensable on the job injury. Republic Bag Co. responded to the employee’s report of injury by first harassing and then firing her, fabricating various pretextual grounds for wrongfully and maliciously firing Doyle LLP’s client as a result of her on the job injury and resulting claim for lawful benefits. Republic Bag Co. retaliated and terminated the injured worker because Doyle LLP’s client filed an on the job injury claim, sought worker’s compensation benefits, and instituted a proceeding or caused to be instituted a proceeding under the Texas Worker’s Compensation laws, including reporting that she suffered an injury to her employer under Texas Labor Code § 409.001

Texas’ workers’ compensation laws, including Texas Labor Code Section 451.001, provide a cause of action for discriminatory misconduct and retaliation against a worker injured on the job. Doyle LLP’s client was a loyal and hard-working employee of Republic Bag Co., who was injured while working on the job on or about April 15, 2020. Doyle LLP’s client was retrieving a roll of bags from a machine as she frequently did before, but the machine pulled her right hand, resulting in injuries to her left middle finger, back, neck, arm, and body generally. The employee reported this work injury to her employer and received medical treatment, as permitted by Texas workers’ compensation laws. By making that report to her supervisor and employer as required by Texas Labor Code § 409.001, the injured worker instituted a proceeding under the Texas Workers’ Compensation laws, as protected by Texas Labor Code § 451.001.

In response to her report of injury and treatment as protected by Texas Labor Code § 451.001 Doyle LLP’s client faced discriminatory actions from Republic Bag Co. and was ultimately wrongfully fired on or about June 15, 2020. Employers such as Republic Bag Co. are prohibited from firing or otherwise discriminating against employees for filing workers’ compensation claims, as identified in both Texas Labor Code §451.001 or 29 U.S.C § 215. Doyle LLP’s client did not receive the proper protections or rights guaranteed under the Texas Labor Code for injured workers, but was met ultimately with retaliatory and discriminatory firing from her job.

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