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Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers vs. Buffalo Marine Service Inc.

Maritime Lawsuit

Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers filed a Jones Act and general maritime lawsuit against Buffalo Marine Service Inc. on June 13, 2017 on behalf of an injured seaman. The suit, which was filed in Harris County District Court in Houston, Texas, arises from injuries that occurred in the Houston Ship Channel on April 27, 2016.

This case was brought under the Jones Act and the general maritime law of the United States of America to collect damages caused by the negligence of Doyle LLP’s Client’s Jones Act employer, Buffalo Marine, and the negligence and unseaworthiness of Buffalo Marine’s vessels the M/V San Blas and barges Buffalo 901 and 902. The serious injuries at issue occurred on April 27, 2016, near the Valero Oil Refinery in the Houston Ship Channel. On the date of the incident in question, Doyle LLP’s Client was working in the Gulf of Mexico below the vessel. As he was completing his job as a steersman/tankerman, the vessel was severely undermanned, and due to the negligent acts of the prior tankerman, a wench struck Doyle LLP’s Client in the causing him to suffer severe pain. Because the vessels were undermanned, the crewmember was forced to complete his shift, working in the vessel for hours while severely injured. Buffalo Marine did not properly supervise or train the crew, failed to properly man the vessel, and/or failed to provide adequate equipment, as well generally negligently operating the vessel causing Mr. Rowe to injure his neck, back, arms, elbow, and body generally.

Doyle LLP’s client was employed by Buffalo Marine as a steersman/tankerman and regularly assigned to work in its fleet of vessels of owned and chartered vessels engaged in vessel operations. Buffalo Marine was the owner and operator of the M/V San Blas and the Buffalo 901 and 902. Buffalo Marine. The suit includes causes of action for negligence and unseaworthiness under the Jones Act and general maritime law.

Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers has a team of lawyers that have spent years representing Jones Act seamen and maritime workers in Jones Act and admiralty cases. If you or someone close to you suffered an injury while working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, Houston Ship Channel, or another navigable body of water, our team can analyze your potential Jones Act or admiralty law claim.