Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers vs. Art Heavy Haul, Inc. – Negligence

Personal Injury- Negligence

Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers has filed suit against Art Heavy Haul, Inc., R-C Pilot Cars, and J&M Pilot Cars arising from a January 2, 2015 motor vehicle collision.

The suit alleges that Art Heavy Haul, Inc., R-C Pilot Cars, and J&M Pilot Cars were negligent in hauling an oversized load that resulted in a collision with Doyle LLP’s client. On January 2, 2015, the Defendants were moving the oversized-load on Interstate 45. According to the incident investigation, they had departed from their designated route.

During the haul, the pilot car stopped on the shoulder to monitor the load as it passed under a bridge. However, the pilot car pulled into back into the active lane causing Doyle LLP’s client to make a sudden stop. As a result, she was rear-ended by another vehicle.

Doyle LLP’s client suffered serious injuries to her back, neck, chest, and body. And her vehicle was totaled. Due to these injuries suffered in the collision, Doyle LLP’s client will seek damages for physical impairment, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional damage, and medical bills.

Doyle LLP frequently represents drivers who are injured by the negligence of 18-wheeler or freight-liner drivers. If you or someone you know has suffered a motor vehicle collision injury, please contact us to determine whether you may be entitled to damages.