Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers has instigated a suit against Intergulf Corporation

Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers has instigated a suit against Intergulf Corporation (“Intergulf”) alleging discriminatory actions leading to employment termination as the result of a reported on the job injury. The suit is necessary to collect due damages necessitated by the actions of the defendant, Intergulf.

Our client, a hardworking Intergulf employee, suffered an injury while working on April 7, 2014.This injury required visits to medical specialists and even surgery. Throughout the entire process of recovery, Intergulf was uncooperative and difficult for our client to deal with.

The process of healing was filled with harassment towards our client culminating in termination. Intergulf clearly disavows itself from any significant responsibility in the suffering of a loyal employee, our Plaintiff.

Following surgery, Intergulf used the opportunity to finally terminate employment of the Plaintiff, releasing themselves from responsibility once and for all. In addition to the difficult healing process our client is forced to search out for new sources of income. Intergulf has no right to terminate employees directly affected by an on the job injury as dictated in the Texas Labor Code.

Doyle LLP professionally handles cases involving wrongful termination due to injury. These cases involve violations of state law that hard working employees do not deserve. Contact us today if you believe you have been mistreated or harassed by your employer following an injury