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Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers has initiated a suit against Ace American Insurance Company, & Gallagher Bassett Claims, Inc.

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers has initiated a suit against Ace American Insurance Company (“Ace American”), Gallagher Bassett Claims, Inc. (“Gallagher Bassett”), and claims adjuster Lori Noel. This suit is necessary to address actions of bad faith taken by the defendants in handling the workers’ compensation claim of our client.

Our client, a loyal and hardworking employee of La Petite Academy, experienced an on the job injury on January 8, 2014. Gallagher Bassett placed Ms. Noel as the adjuster in charge of processing Plaintiff’s compensation claim. In processing our client’s claim, Ms. Noel caused to be filed, more than four months after the injury, a Notice of Claim Status form with the Industrial Commission of Arizona, Claims Division, which created the direct result of denying medical and income benefits to Plaintiff.

Gallagher Bassett and Ms. Noel failed to conduct a reasonable investigation and adjust our client’s compensation claim to ensure Plaintiff would receive the medical, financial, and other benefits to which our client was entitled as a beneficiary of workers’ compensation. Ace American chose to continue to deny timely payment of the insurance benefits to which Plaintiff was entitled.

Justice eventually prevailed, as our client was able to use the courts to order Ace American and Gallagher Bassett to accept and manage Plaintiff’s claim. The current suit is a result of the undue physical and mental pain our client underwent in the period in which coverage was denied. The denial of claim delayed necessary medical procedures and put an excessive burden on the Plaintiff.

At Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Trial Lawyers we work to right the wrongs insurance companies often perpetrate. Contact us as soon as possible if you believe your insurance company is not properly handling a claim for workers’ compensation. Numerous states have laws protecting the insured from improper management on the part of insurance companies.