Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers has filed suit against Hess Corporation, Seadrill Americas, Inc., and Seadrill Management, LTD.

Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers has filed suit against Hess Corporation d/b/a Hess Exploration and Production (“Hess”), Seadrill Americas, Inc. (“Seadrill”), and Seadrill Management, LTD. d/b/a Seadrill Global Services (also “Seadrill”) for negligence causing injury and further improper handling of injury. This suit is necessary to collect a legal debt and damages on behalf of Plaintiff.

Our client, a citizen of the United Kingdom, was working aboard a vessel operated by Hess and Seadrill off the coast of Equatorial Guinea. In the course of performing a pressure test on the rig, our client tripped and fell over and unsecured hose. This fall led him to continue tumbling down a flight of stairs that were muddy and lacked proper nonskid material.

Plaintiff received significant injuries from the fall to the areas of the knees, back, and general body. To add further insult, the defendants denied assistance to ensure our client received proper medical care. Instead of transporting Plaintiff to the nearest professional care center, defendants chose to deny evacuation. This action was meant to conceal and downplay the injuries our plaintiff sustained. Unfortunately, Plaintiff’s injuries could not simply be wished away.

The damage to our client is the result of negligent practices that led to unsafe conditions aboard the vessel. Hess and Seadrill performed negligent hiring and training practices that led our client to sustain an avoidable injury. Their actions following Plaintiff’s injury indicate a preference for profit over responsibility and employee safety. The denial of the severity of our client’s injuries only led to more anguish and lasting damage

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