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Doyle Introduces New Burn Pit Resources

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP is pleased to announce new resources for military members and their families to provide information about burn pit exposure. From 2003 to 2013, thousands of military members were exposed to toxic materials burned on military bases with serious health consequences.

What’s the Background on Burn Pit Litigation?

Government contractors including Halliburton and KBR were given government contracts to dispose of waste on military bases in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The contractors improperly burned material in large open-air burn pits operated close to living and working areas. The result: Soldiers and deployed military members were exposed to harmful fumes and carcinogenic particles.

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP is a leading burn pit law firm, representing military personnel who were negligently exposed to toxic substances. More than 100 cases have been filed throughout the United States against military contractors. In one case, a jury ruled in favor of 12 soldiers (represented by Doyle) against military contractor KBR in an $81 million judgment.

Every case is different and those who may have been exposed need to understand the risks; the signs and symptoms of illnesses; and their options if they fall ill. Doyle Dennis Avery LLP has prepared interactive resources for military members and their families. The interactive information at Burn Pit Facts explains:

  • Where burn pits were located: There were 251 burn pits in Iraq and 22 in Afghanistan as of 2010. The largest was at Joint Base Balad.
  • Who was exposed: There were 25,000 personnel on some of the bases where burn pits were located.
  • What was burned: More than 100 tons of potentially hazardous materials were burned daily at some of the bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. The materials being burned included heavy metals, medical waste, biohazard materials, banned chemicals, plastic water bottles, asbestos, tires, PVC pipes, pesticides and batteries.
  • The health consequences of burn pits: Health effects include respiratory disorders, neurological disorders, cardiopulmonary disorders, skin problems, autoimmune conditions, and cancers. The fallout has been compared with Agent Orange.
  • What your options are: Burn pit lawsuits were first filed in 2007. Today, there are a number of cases on file and a multi-district litigation established to manage the litigation.

Doyle is here to help victims who may have been exposed and family members of those affected. In addition to the facts page, you can also find more information, resources, and assistance by visiting our pages on:

  • Burn Pit FAQ
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