Doyle Files Workers’ Compensation Bad Faith Suit Against Liberty Mutual

On March 4, 2011, Doyle filed a workers compensation bad faith suit against Liberty Mutual insurer Wausau Business Insurance Corporation and its adjuster on behalf of an employee who was injured on the job in June 2009. 

Wausau initially approved only some of the medical care requested by the injured employee’s doctors, including denying medical attention for the injured employee’s spinal injuries. At the same time, after initially approving treatment for the employee’s other injuries, Wausau denied follow-up treatment for the employee’s pre-approved surgery, including complications that caused permanent and grave damage to the employee’s urinary and reproductive systems. Wausau even denied income benefits to the employee while he was recovering from this injury.

Doyle is proud to help this injured employee in his fight to recover from the damage caused by Wausau and its adjuster.